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Students score above average at universities

Copiah-Lincoln Community College officials are pleased with anew report that shows that at least two of the state’s majorcolleges, Co-Lin transfer students are earning grade-point averagesabove the campus average.

At the University of Mississippi and Delta State University,Co-Lin transfers scored above the campus average on theircumulative GPA for the 2008-2009 school year.

Co-Lin Dean of Administrative Services Phil Broome said part ofthat is because the school works to insure that transferableclasses are up to par by state university standards.

“We focus heavily on those academic areas that are transferred,”Broome said. “We have an articulation agreement, a set standard ofcourses that we can transfer and they will accept based on the factthat this is a process we use to determine that the content is thesame comparative to the classes at higher institutions.”

Co-Lin students at Delta State were well above the norm, with a3.45 GPA, compared to the campus average of 2.80. Students at OleMiss topped the school’s 3.02 average with a score of 3.15.

“We fared better at Ole Miss and Delta State than at State andUSM,” Broome said.

Even then, however, Co-Lin transfers were just a shade below thecampus average.

Mississippi State’s campus median of 3.03 was just .04 aboveCo-Lin students’ 2.99 grade score. It was the same margin for USM,with the campus average at 2.86 and Co-Lin transfers at 2.82.

Broome said that points to one very important fact about theschool in Wesson.

“You can be successful when you come here,” he said.

He also pointed to some of the career and technical programplacement percentages, where school officials shoot for an averageof 80 percent in every division.

The office systems technology department at the Natchez andSimpson campuses were both in the 100 percent range, as wereelectronics technology and instrumentation technology at Natchez.Marketing management technology at Natchez had a 100 percentplacement rate, as well as the respiratory care program.

In the certificate programs, auto mechanics, food production andmanagement, machine tool operations and machine shop technology,practical nursing at the Wesson and Simpson campuses, and weldingat the Natchez campus all also scored 100 percent placement in thereport.

Broome said the report indicates several other positive thingsabout the school, pointing to the section that reports on collegesupport service satisfaction. The school rated a 95 percent orabove in every category except “recreation, social gatherings,cultural events and entertainment,” in which the Simpson campusscored a 94 percent.

“Those rates are extremely high. That means students aresatisfied with all the departments of the college,” Broomesaid.

Overall, officials are happy with the report, he said, notingthat there’s always room for improvement.

“You always have ways to improve what you’re doing, but we’resatisfied with what we’re looking at here,” he said. “Of course themore you can study and look for ways for improvement witheffectiveness, it’s always good to.”