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History museum ready to take item donations

So you’ve saved the photo of your grandparents and their old dogBowser for as long as you can remember, and you’re just not surewhat to do with it.

The Lincoln County Historical and Genealogical and B’Nai SholomJewish Museum has a place for it, said Lincoln County Historicaland Genealogical Society President Rita Rich.

Saturday, the museum will be open to the public from 9:30 a.m. to 4p.m. to accept donations from yesteryear in Lincoln County, Richsaid.

“We want pictures, things from businesses, anything they would havein that business or the product of a business or manufacturer,things in the stores that would not be in existence anymore,” saidRich.

Rich said she didn’t want to be exclusive about what the museumwill accept. She said just anything that can be considered a partof Lincoln County and Brookhaven history is welcome at the museumon Saturday.

Each contributor will fill out a form and their artifact will benumbered, and they will be farmed out into divisions so they can beplaced in their respective places in the museum.

“Just a sign they used, a letter that was written to them, thoseare the type of artifacts we’re looking for,” Rich said. “If theyhave any questions, they can call me or bring the item, because Idon’t know at this time what to expect – I’ve never done thisbefore, it hasn’t been done. This is very exciting.”

Rich said in the future the museum will host special exhibits aswell.

“We’ll take special collections and also loan items later on, we’lladvertise for that,” she said. “Special collections will stay aweek or two once we get the museum established. We’ll do that tobring in renewed interest.”

Anyone with questions is encouraged to come Saturday, Rich said, orcall her at 601-833-8023.