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Officials seek tips in store armed robbery

MONTICELLO – Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department officials arehoping for tips from the public on an armed robbery that occurredFriday night at a county convenience store.

Lawrence County Undersheriff Willie Wallace said atapproximately 10 p.m. an employee of Pawpaw Tony’s conveniencestore noticed a small Cadillac with big rims drive by slowly, oncegoing north and once going south on Highway 27.

“He got up and went inside, and they went ahead and closed thestore at 10,” Wallace said.

When they employees went outside, Wallace said two black maleswith their faces concealed by hoods and masks approached them,brandishing a shotgun and a pistol. Wallace said the men allegedlymade the employees reopen the store and turn over approximately$1,000 from the register.

“They put them back in the store and made them lay down untilthey left,” Wallace said.

The men escaped on foot through the woods, and Wallace said hebelieves the getaway car may have been parked at an old store about100 yards away.

Meanwhile, authorities are hoping that someone may knowsomething about the crime that would give them a solid lead.

“We don’t have anything at this point except the description ofthe car,” he said. “Anyone with any information, we need atip.”

Wallace said anyone who may have information on the crime isencouraged to call the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department at601-587-2961.