It’s getting hot on the old ballfield

Published 12:29 pm Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer is definitely here, whether the calendar says so ornot.

I’ve heard so many comments lately to the effect of “If it’s sohot now, what’s July going to be like?”

Well I agree. I spent last weekend baking in the sun at one ofthe grandson’s ballgames. It was held at 2 in the afternoon andthere was not a shade tree in sight. If I had not been a bit leeryof a baseball hitting my windshield I may have pulled my car up tothe outfield fence and sat there with the air conditioner blowingin my face.

After that game, I made up my mind to either buy an open tent,like the ones you see at all the flea markets, or a large beachumbrella that I can stick in the ground behind my chair.

I’m also going to look for a battery-operated, portable fan.I’ve gotten too used to the air conditioning in my home and at workto suffer for too long in the heat.

With the addition of all this paraphernalia, my husband and Iare going to look like we’re moving every time we venture out tothe ballfield. It’s a good thing we bought an SUV last year.

Since the oldest grandchild is nearly 10 and the youngest isalmost 5, I figure we can get some good use out of either of thosepurchases. I feel like Dennis and I are going to be watching abunch of ballgames for the next 10 or 12 years, if the Lord iswilling.

And speaking of ballgames, I’ve gotten really tickled atwatching the coaches and players.

With the younger teams, like Buddy Ball, each team has three orfour coaches, which is great when the little ones are just learningthe game. You have one who stands around first, one who standsaround third, one who handles the batting lineup and sometimesthere’s a spare coach who is running around handling somethingelse. The only drawback to this plan is you also have a hoard ofparents and grandparents who are sitting in their lawn chairs alsocoaching from the sidelines.

I have found it amusing listening to the sideline coaches yelldirections to the kids who are rounding the bases.

“Run, run, run!” says one parent.

“Stay, stay, stay!” says another.

“Slide, slide, slide,” yet another says.

Meanwhile, the third-base coach is yelling “Look at me, boy! Notyour mamma!”

It can get a bit confusing for a young ballplayer, cause mammahas always said you’d better pay attention when she speaks.

Sideline coaches are a bit enthusiastic. I know I’ve been oneand can morph into one at a moment’s notice.

It’s just a game of 6- to 10-year-olds but you’d think it was agame in the major leagues. But believe me when I say: when you lugthat lawn chair to the field and find that perfect spot to callyours for the next hour and a half, you’re putting ownership onthat little spot of real estate much like New York Yankees ownerGeorge Steinbrenner does his skybox at Yankee Stadium. We just haveless air conditioning and other amenities.

Yes, it’s gotten pretty hot out there on and off the field -even for the end of May. But we still love our ballgames.

And how was your week?

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