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June Tunes in the Park is Thursday

There’s something to be said for being able to kick back in alawn chair with a sack lunch and listen to live music on your lunchbreak.

Thanks to the Retiree Committee, Brookhavenites will be able todo just that on Thursday at June Tunes in the Park.

Chamber of Commerce Program Director Kay Burton said the eventtakes place Thursday at noon in Railroad Park, and people of allages are welcome to bring a seat and refreshments and listen to themusic of Tyler Bridge and Crossing Over.

“It’s not just for retirees, it’s totally public,” she said.”Come out and enjoy the park and the music and the downtown, drinksome lemonade, and bring your lunch or buy something from one ofour local businesses.”

Burton said the Retiree Committee will offer free lemonade inthe log cabin in Railroad Park, not only as a refreshment, but alsoas something of a draw.

“You can come and celebrate summer and enjoy our beautifulsurroundings downtown before it gets too hot,” Burton said. “Thisgives people the opportunity and nice weather to come out and seeRailroad Park, but also to look at the log cabin and look at theinside. A lot of people have never been inside.”

June Tunes in the Park is in its fifth year, Burton said.

“In the past it’s been great weather, still cool enough to notburn up and you enjoy the music,” she said. “It usually lasts forabout 45 minutes, and people really enjoy it. It usually drawsaround 75-100 people.”

In addition to the music and the lemonade, there will be doorprizes, Burton said.

“We’re just trying to get people to come, and to find new peoplein the community, and meet them and invite the newcomers to come,”she said. “It’s also about letting people know what we’re aboutwith the Retiree Committee.”

In case of rain, the event will be canceled, Burton said.