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Class capable of doing anything imaginable

Editor’s note: The DAILY LEADER is continuing to publishvaledictorian and salutatorian speeches given during recent highschool graduations. Today’s address is from LeAnna Salyer,valedictorian of Brookhaven Academy.

Procrastinators, slackers, underachievers … that’s us – theBrookhaven Academy Class of 2010.

We whine and complain about almost anything, and teachers alwaysgive us way too much work to do.

In August, when only dreaming about a state championship infootball, most people’s thoughts were simply “Yeah, right.” InNovember, we became state champions with an undefeated perfectseason … yeah, that’s right. Five previous basketball statechampionships … a sixpeat? No pressure boys, that’s impossible,nobody can do that. That sixth banner will be right up there beforewe know it … we can.

I would not be surprised if her 15-page term paper was notturned in until five minutes before the deadline, but I have nodoubt that she will be a writer. He may not be coming up here togive a speech tonight, but he has pretty much developed his ownunique language. How many kids do you know that can do that? Myclass can.

When it comes down to the important things, this class will worktogether until 110 percent is given to be successful … At oursixth grade graduation we sang a song called “We Can Do theImpossible,” and we meant it.

Wherever our futures take us, through mountains and valleys wewill be successful and conquer the impossible, I have no doubt.

People along the way will laugh at us, doubt us for reaching forour dreams, but hey, we are used to that. We may procrastinate andslack just a little, but we are nowhere close to beingunderachievers … we are champions.

I could not possibly be more proud to be a part of theBrookhaven Academy graduating class of 2010. I believe in each oneof you and know that you are capable of doing anything you set yourmind to doing. I love you guys, I think you all know that.Congratulations.

LeAnna Salyer is the daughter of Ricky and Lori Salyer.