Incompetent Jailers

Published 12:34 pm Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I am infuriated at the imcompetence of the Lincoln County Jailstaff but am not the slightest bit surprised. I’m not proud to saythat I have served time in that jail but before I turned my lifearound I did. While incarcerated there, 2 of the men that escapedhad done the same thing that was done this time with a window butby a chance of luck a jailer happened to notice it before they hadthe window busted out enough to fit through. Jailers are supposedto make regular rounds but only make rounds about once a week andsometimes not even then. It all depends on if there is violencehappening within the cell block or rioting. That was/isthe  only time that they made rounds when I wasthere in 2008. Now they have allowed an “alleged” murderer back outonto the street as well as some other criminals; whom I knowpersonally from incarceration , and they are also dangerousindividuals. The warden is also to blame seeing that he hasn’t doneanything to correct the problem since I was there last.

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