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Church yard display vandalized

The church was ransacked and its steeple broken. The cross wassnapped at its base. Jesus had been thrown to the ground.

Wesson’s Agnes Ratliff awoke Thursday morning to find herChristian lawn decorations desecrated, apparently having beenstruck down by vandals sometime late Wednesday night. Ratliff andher husband, Buck – known locally for filling their big front yardat 1035 Timberlane Road with Easter decorations every year – havetaken one thing away from the experience.

“It was just somebody trying to be mean. It just shows you howmean some people can be,” Agnes said.

Thankfully, the damage to the little church, cross and woodenJesus was light and easily repairable. It could have beenworse.

The church, about the size of a doghouse, is fitted with smallstained glass windows, crafted by Brookhaven’s B.G. Godbold.Ratliff said making the church authentic – it also has doors thatopen and close – cost around $400.

“People stop and look at it all the time. It makes a prettylittle picture at night time when it’s lit up,” Agnes said.

The Ratliffs called the Copiah County Sheriff’s Department whenthey discovered the damage Thursday morning. They said the incidentis not the first time their Christian decorations have beenvandalized.

“I hope it’s just some kids. I hope it’s not sacrilegious,” Bucksaid.

The Ratliffs said several small angels were taken from theiryard during a past Easter by what they think was a group of girlsfrom nearby Copiah-Lincoln Community College.

“Those girls were out drinking,” Buck said. “But they felt badabout it the next morning and brought the angels back.”