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Teen facing charges in Sunday slaying

A 16-year-old Brookhaven man is expected to be tried as an adultafter being charged with murder in the Sunday night shooting ofanother local teenager, District Attorney Dee Bates saidTuesday.

Tye Q. Williams, 16, of 632 North Sixth St., has been chargedwith murder in the shooting death of Bryant Holloway, 16, of 212North Church St., Sunday during an altercation on Short Street.Murder is a capital offense and one that carries the possibility ofa life sentence upon conviction, Bates said.

“If you commit a capital offense over age 13, you’re consideredan adult,” Bates said.

Bates said an arraignment hearing was scheduled for Tuesday inBrookhaven Municipal Court. At that time, a determination onwhether bond will be granted will be made and a date for apreliminary hearing will be set.

At this morning’s hearing, Municipal Court Judge RaymondBoutwell secured the courtroom and members of the public were notallowed inside. Only those with pending charges were being allowedin the small courtroom at the Government Complex.

When Roy Smith, a local community activist, pleaded his case tobe in the courtroom, Boutwell found him in contempt of court andhad him arrested.

“I like that attitude, Judge,” Smith said to Boutwell during anexchange that became confrontational.

Smith was taken from the courtroom to the jail. A group ofcitizens mingled in the complex lobby and outside as the courtsession was getting started.

Holloway, who was a student at Brookhaven High School, died atKing’s Daughters Medical Center after being shot in the head duringan altercation on Short Street around 7 p.m. Sunday. Holloway waspronounced dead at 9:06 p.m., said Lincoln County Coroner ClayMcMorris.

In discussing the case Monday, Brookhaven Police Chief PapHenderson said officers were in the neighborhood when they heardshots fired Sunday evening. They responded to find Holloway shotand lying in the street.

“We had witnesses tell us what was going on and gave us someinformation,” Henderson said.

Henderson said the suspect turned himself in to authoritiesfollowing the incident. McMorris said an autopsy on Holloway was tobe performed Monday at the state Crime Lab.

Henderson said Monday authorities had not determined the natureof the altercation.

“We have some things we have to do, a few more witnesses thatdetectives want to talk to,” the chief said. “We’re confident inthe arrest we’ve made and that we have the right person, because hedid turn himself into us.”

The chief said an investigation is continuing. Bates said thenext step in the process would be the grand jury.

“When the police turn over their investigation to us, we’llpresent it to the grand jury,” Bates said.

Williams Mortuary is in charge of Holloway’s arrangements, whichare incomplete.

BHS Principal Dr. Jay Smith said counselors were on hand Mondayand spoke to a number of students during grief counseling sessions.He indicated students were fond of Holloway.

“The response from the kids has been overwhelming,” Smith said.”He was a well-liked kid and respected by his peers.”