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Silver Creek man taken from oil rig

A Silver Creek man is reportedly among several people kidnappedby rebels Monday off an oil rig near the Nigerian coast.

James Robertson was taken along with four others when an armedgroup raided the rig early Monday morning, according to WLBT,citing a CNN report.

Robertson works for Afren PLC, and London-based company, and therig is operated by Transocean. That company also managed the rigthat exploded in the Gulf of Mexico earlier this year.

Two other members of the crew were shot in the leg during Monday’sassault. The were airlifted to a company-owned clinic and were saidto be in stable condition.

No one has claimed responsibility for the incident, but companyofficials are hoping for a quick resolution, according to Monday’sreport.

Robertson’s family members told the television station they hadbeen instructed by Transocean and the FBI to have no comment on theincident.