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Orthopaedic clinic latest ‘good thing’ for KDMC

Fixing broken bones, pulled muscles or torn ligaments will nolonger require the occasional trip to Jackson as King’s DaughtersMedical Center continues to spread its healing touch to Brookhavenand area residents.

Medical center employees, Brookhaven-Lincoln County Chamber ofCommerce representatives and community members packed thehospital’s former Quick Care clinic Wednesday to be a part of aceremonial ribbon-cutting and to receive a tour of the newBrookhaven Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Clinic.

“We wanted to offer full-time orthopaedic services inBrookhaven,” said KDMC Clinic Systems Director Larry Mills. “Wedon’t want for anyone to have a reason to have to go anywhere elsefor their health care.”

Before the opening of KDMC’s newest facility, those needingassistance with ailing bones and aching muscles were forced to waituntil the orthopaedic specialist was available in Brookhaven orwere forced to go to Jackson or out of town to seek help.

“They don’t have to do that trip anymore,” said Mills. “We’retrying to keep people from having to go to Jackson for their healthcare.”

Smiling faces toured the facility near the hospital and someclaimed they could get lost behind the cool green walls at thetreatment center. The facility took roughly two months to transformfrom the former clinic use, but the planning process started in thefall.

“This is a first-class office,” said KDMC CEO Alvin Hoover.”We’re going to be using it to the max with the services we alreadyoffer.”

The facility includes several large examination rooms and hasseen the addition of an X-ray machine. Having X-ray capabilities onsite will allow the staff to immediately read and interpretinjuries, which will in turn mean quicker care for patients.

In addition to touring the renovated building, which has been inuse for the past month, visitors stood in line to shake Dr. JohnTurba’s hand – the doctor who will be responsible for keeping theactive people of Brookhaven healthy.

“I’ve been all over the world,” said Turba to clinic visitors.”You’re blessed to have this kind of hospital in thiscommunity.”

Turba has been healing bones since 1977 and lived and practicedin Cincinnati for 30 years. He was in the second class of formallytrained sports medicine doctors in the country.

While his skilled services are typically reserved for biggercities, Turba found himself looking for small town charm.

“I wanted to come back to my roots and to a place that is goingto support me and allow me to practice the type of medicine I wantto practice,” said Turba.

Turba has big things in store for KDMC’s newest facility. Hesaid he hopes the center will grow to become a premiere sportsmedicine rehabilitation center, not only in Mississippi, but theequivalent to any place in America.

“King’s Daughters is quickly developing a reputation for qualitycare in the state,” said Mills. “Dr. Turba is further evidencewe’re going to continue that quality care.”

KDMC has had an eventful year. The orthopaedic center is justone of four recent projects for the hospital. This year, Brookhavenresidents have seen KDMC Fitness Center open, a new therapy centerand the construction of a new Quick Care clinic in addition to thesports medicine and orthopaedic clinic.

“We have been busy and it’s all good stuff,” said Mills. “We’rebusy doing good things.”