Offering Prayers For All

Published 6:00 pm Friday, May 6, 2011

“For where two or three are gathered in My name, there am Iamong them.” Matthew 18:20, English Standard Version.

Residents of Lincoln County gathered Thursday on the steps ofthe Lincoln County/Brookhaven Government Complex to participatewith the rest of the country in National Prayer Day.

Various pastors led a crowd in prayer for different aspects ofsociety during the annual event, which is celebrated at noon on thefirst Thursday of May.

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“Prayer is an instrument in which we love the Lord,” said theRev. Richard Cothern, president of Ministers Conference of theLincoln Baptist Association. “Today we have loved Himtogether.”

Participants bowed their heads under the bright sun as differentindividuals led the group in prayer for the government, military,media, business, education, church, family and Mississippi andLincoln County.

“All of these form the seven centers of power in our nation,”said Cothern. “Our nation is helped, is strengthened, from each ofthese areas.”

Prayers for Mississippi and Lincoln County may be consideredespecially important as the threat of bad weather looms and theeffects of recent severe weather are still being felt.

“They become opportunities for us to do good things in Hisname,” said Cothern.

Those who assembled on the steps of the government building wereof different backgrounds, societal status and faith. However,everyone prayed to one God.

“It’s not about us,” said Cothern.

As members of the community worshiped together and asked God towatch over and protect those in need, they shared a special bondwith the rest of the nation.

“Prayer is very intimate,” said Cothern. “We are really able todraw near and close to God through His son Jesus Christ to ourhearts with Him.”

Cothern said the most important thing about prayer is realizingthat those praying are not the “fixer,” but recognizing God as “thehelper, the refuge, the fortress,” and the power of prayer comesfrom the Lord.

“He listens to His children,” said Cothern. “He hears ourcries.”