Survey seeks public insight about schools

Published 6:00 pm Sunday, May 8, 2011

Parents, teachers, community members and students have thechance to sound off on the Brookhaven School District through anonline survey and help impact the upcoming school years.

The survey, which will take about 10 minutes to complete and asksgeneral questions, has been ongoing since April 27 and data willcontinue to be collected through Monday.

“It’s really an incredibly important piece of gathering informationin helping in decision-making processes,” said Brookhaven SchoolDistrict Superintendent Dr. Lisa Karmacharya.

To access the survey, participants will need to Under “Parent Tools” on the left side ofthe screen, there is a link called “BSD’s Comprehensive NeedsAssessment Surveys.”

After clicking the link, website visitors will then need to scrolldown and click on the appropriate survey. There is a separatesurvey for community members, parents, teachers and studentsaccording to school affiliation.

While each survey may be different, general questions about safety,administration and district performance are apparent on eachquestionnaire. There is also a place for survey participants toleave comments.

“The more information that school districts gather from all theirstake holders, the better decisions they can make on theirprograms,” said Karmacharya.

The survey is an annual requirement for any school district thatreceives federal money.

The information collected from the surveys will allowdecision-makers to better tailor school programs related tocurriculum and instruction.

“It is one piece of what is required under the law to gatherinformation so you can make wise decisions on planning schoolprograms with respect to federal programming,” saidKarmacharya.

While not everyone is affiliated with the school, those shellingout tax dollars help contribute to the school district in one wayor another.

“The more people that can be involved in it and provide informationand feedback, the better decision-makers are able to use theinformation,” said Karmacharya.