Board mulling weather sirens, online pay plan

Published 6:00 pm Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Aldermen made quick work of their usual agenda after seeingseveral guest appearances during Tuesday’s meeting. Conversationsconcerning water and work sessions stirred among the cityofficials.

Weather alerts remained on the minds of aldermen as Ward SixAlderman David Phillips began to organize a work session to allowcity officials a chance to meet with state agencies.

“I think as we go into budget we need to know what we’re talkingabout,” said Phillips.

The work session, currently scheduled for June 7, will givealdermen the opportunity to have questions concerning sirensanswered from civil defense and MEMA representatives should they beable to make the meeting.

City officials will also explore the possibility of setting uponline payments for municipal services at the work session.

“We’ve discussed that in the past and maybe it’s time that weimplement that for water bills, even traffic tickets, even possiblypay your taxes like that,” said Phillips.

With ongoing water and sewer projects in the recently annexed partof the city, one local church asked aldermen to remember them ascity water trickles toward more areas in the county.

Joe Farr, representing Heritage Family Church on Highway 51Northeast, appeared before the aldermen to see if there was anytimeline for when the church can expect city water.

“We anticipate that our water needs will grow as our congregationgrows,” said Farr.

With the city currently looking at $40 million worth of water andsewage projects, when the church, or any area, may receive citywater is still being determined.

“I don’t know where you’d be in the master plan,” said Mayor LesBumgarner. “(Engineering firm Williford, Gearhart and Knight) isworking on it now.”

City officials suggested that if city water was immediately neededthat there were other options to explore, such as the church tyinginto the city lines, which are about a quarter-mile away from thechurch.

“If you wanted a quick solution, that would be it,” saidPhillips.

In other business, aldermen remembered T.C. Maxwell, who had servedas an alderman and was appointed to the Brookhaven HousingAuthority in January of 1986 and served on the board until hisdeath earlier this month.

Aldermen unanimously voted to approve Kenny Goza to take Maxwell’splace on the housing board.

While the aldermen were satisfied and in full support of Goza beingon the board, Ward Five Alderman D.W. Maxwell felt that thenomination to the board should have been discussed prior to themeeting.

“This kind of crap comes up all the time that somebody wants tosurprise somebody with a nomination of somebody to a board at thisboard meeting and nobody’s ever heard about it until you get thismeeting,” said Maxwell. “And, I’m fed up with that.”

“Well, if you’re fed up with it, vote against it,” respondedPhillips.

Maxwell said he supports the motion of who was nominated, butwanted a heads up.

“I don’t care who it would have been, at least everybody shouldhave had some knowledge that the nomination was coming up and whowould be nominated before we get to the board meeting,” saidMaxwell.