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Reader takes exception to union issues

Dear Editor,

I would like to put in my two cents worth about the union atDelphi-Packard in Brookhaven.

My husband served in the Navy from 1968, and everyone knows itwasn’t union run. He was home for three weeks when he worked for alocal business for 24 years and it wasn’t a union job.

We raised four children who finished high school in Monticello andnone of us went hungry, or without clothes and a house to live in,so how someone that makes $60 to $70 an hour can’t be content withwhat they have, is beyond my way of thinking. Just wanted to get itoff my chest, so thank you for listening.


Helen Douglas,


Editor’s note: While Delphi workers at one time made the hourlyamount listed, company changes and new contracts have reduced theaverage hourly wage over the years.