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Thursday fire damages mobile home

Zetus and Loyd Star volunteer firedepartments prevented a mobile home fire from consuming the entirestructure on Thursday.

    A fire at the home at 904 Ernest Trail was reported at 4:29 p.m.Officials estimated the fire was contained by about 5:30 p.m.

    The kitchen and two bedrooms were destroyed. No injuries werereported.

    “It’s very seldom you go to a mobile home fire and it don’t burndown,” said Grady Case, president of the Zetus Volunteer FireDepartment. “Quick response pays off.”

    The homeowner, Shelia Smith, said a grease fire began in thekitchen and quickly spread despite her attempts to put it out.

    Zetus Volunteer Fire Department Chief Dale Anding said that whendealing with a grease fire, water or flour should not be thrown onthe fire.

    “You should try to smother it out with a lid if you can,” Andingsaid. “Water will just make it boil over.”

    Smith said remembering what happened was difficult.

    “Everything is still a blur,” she said. “I’m still shook up.”

    Smith and her family had yet to inspect to mobile home to determinetheir losses.

    “We did get all our animals out in time,” said Ryan Magee, who alsolives at the residence.

    Magee pointed to a camper mobile home sitting in the yard.

    “Probably be sleeping in there tonight,” he said.