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Diesel Dilemma

A single-vehicle accident involving adiesel truck Tuesday morning required the United StatesEnvironmental Services to aid in cleanup efforts.

    James Renfroe was driving a truck carrying approximately 2,200gallons of diesel, traveling east on Sam’s Road when the vehiclewrecked and flipped over around 9:26 a.m., according toauthorities.

    The truck belonged to James Case Oil in Brookhaven. According toCase Oil supervisors, Renfroe has been employed for approximately25 years.

    The truck’s tank was damaged in the accident and began leaking thediesel it carried into a drainage ditch on the southern side of theroad.

    Lincoln County Civil Defense Director Clifford Galey said a vacuumtruck was used to remove the diesel from the ditch. Members of theUnited States Environmental Services came to scene and dug out theditch, removing any dirt saturated with the diesel.

    Galey said the Environmental Services team took the dirt withthem.

    “Once they put it in their dumpster, they own it,” Galey said.

    District Five Supervisor Gary Walker was on scene, supervisingreplacement of the dirt taken from the ditch. Cleanup effortsconcluded about 9 p.m. Tuesday, Galey said.

    There is no need for concern by residents along the road, Galeysaid.

    “We dug down past where any diesel was,” Galey said.

    An ambulance from King’s Daughters Medical Center was on scene, butRenfroe declined to go to the hospital.

    “He was at work this morning,” said Janice Britt, with James CaseOil, Wednesday. “He was a little sore, but we were blessed he wasnot seriously hurt.”

    The cause of the accident is still under investigation, butinspection of the scene and discussion with authorities indicatesthe vehicle veered off the road on the northern side, proceededback across the street to the southern side, struck a mailbox andflipped over.

    The truck came to rest not far from the mailbox it destroyed, at1002 Sam’s Road.