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Arrests made over county burglary spree

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Departmentarrested three Brookhaven men Wednesday who have been tied torecent burglaries in the county and authorities are investigatingtwo other possibly related incidents, said Sheriff SteveRushing.

    “We’ve got three in custody at the moment and looking for otherpeople we think may be involved,” Rushing said.

    Curtis D. McGee, 21, of 414 First St., and Jawon Williams, 19, of632 Sixth St., have been charged with burglary of a dwelling.Joseph L. Williams, 18, of 410 Second St., has been charged withreceiving stolen property.

    Each of the offenses is a felony charge. All three suspectsremained in jail Thursday.

    “As our case develops, charges should be upgraded,” Rushingsaid.

    The sheriff explained information gathered from a burglary onJackson-Liberty Road last Friday led to the three arrests. Whenarrests were made, all of the stolen property was found at JosephWilliams’ house on Second Street.

    Rushing said the men have been tied to at least three separateburglary incidents: one on Nola Road on Oct. 25, and two onJackson-Liberty Road on Oct. 28 and Nov. 1.

    “We’re looking at possibly two other people and two otherburglaries, another from last Friday on Dunn-Ratcliff Road and oneon Monday on Furrs Mill Road,” Rushing said.

    All five of the break-ins were conducted in a similar manner and atthe same time of day, Rushing said. The culprits kicked in eitherthe carport door or back door of the homes during daytimehours.

    “None of the residents were home at the time of any of theburglaries,” Rushing said. “It was during the day when most peopleare away from their homes working.”

    The stolen property included televisions, guns, a coin collectionand some jewelry. Rushing could not give many specifics on thestolen items that were taken from each home until the owners couldpositively identify the property. Once identified, all of theproperty will be returned, he said.

    “It’s all still developing,” Rushing said. “As it develops, therewill most likely be more arrests, and the charges will be upgradedfor most of (those arrested).”