Water is really never just water

Published 7:00 pm Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Can you believe it’s already 2012?

    This past year has flown by. One minute it’s January 2011 and thenext it is January 2012.

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    For many of us, today is the day we start all of those New Year’sResolutions.

    I make the same three resolutions every year it seems – to behealthier, spend more time with family and save more money.

    What usually happens is that I do pretty well on my first and thirdresolutions for a couple of weeks, sometimes even a month, and thenit all goes down the drain.

    Last year I resolved to be healthier, and I was for the firstquarter of the year. I even started watching what I ate much closerand I started drinking a lot more water.

    I saw some success – until the summer months. Then I don’t knowwhat happened. All my good intentions just kind of flew out thewindow somewhere.

    Well, I’m hoping to catch up with them again.

    One of the things I acquired during that first quarter of last yearwas a healthy taste for water. Although, I am now somewhat of a”water snob.”

    I discovered that there is only one brand of water that I reallylike – Dasani.

    My husband says I’m crazy, and didn’t I know that they just getthat water out of the tap, only it comes from somewhere like NewYork City or Atlanta, Ga.

    Well, maybe I am crazy, but I like the water better in the lightblue bottle with the word Dasani on it.

    I’ve tried others, but they all have a slight twang or taste that Idon’t quite like.

    I’ve also discovered that I really like the water extremely cold -like out of the freezer, almost frozen, cold.

    Another thing I discovered I like are those cute little flavorpackets that you put in your water to give it a different taste. Tome it’s like drinking Kool-Aid, only with no sugar. Some of themare pretty good. I have my favorites of those, too.

    When you drink a lot of water, variety is the key.

    The Mayo Clinic suggests that women should drink nine cups of watera day, while men should drink about 13 cups. That’s a lot ofwater.

    My goal this year is to cut out the sugary drinks and to try to cutout soft drinks all together. I feel myself wavering on that onealready. I do like my diet Dr Peppers.

    I told my husband a month ago that come Jan. 1, we were going to dothe bake and broil thing – no more fried foods. And we’re cuttingout sugar and not eating out so much.

    I then asked him to make me a list of the foods he’ll eat usingthose guidelines so I could have a headstart on the menu.

    Of course when I asked that question, he looked at me like I wascrazy. I’m still waiting for the list.

    Dennis’ meals always consist of a meat, potato and cornbread.Sometimes he’ll throw in black-eyed peas and if he’s feelingespecially healthy, maybe a green salad with just lettuce, tomato,onion and Thousand Island dressing.

    Occasionally he’ll mix things up and eat one or two green beans. Healso acquired a taste for fried squash and okra – but onlyfried.

    Somehow I don’t see us on the new eating plan with only thathandful of items.

    In the past he has given up sweet tea for unsweet tea, and he’sgiven up soda for diet soda.

    Now if I can just get him to drink water, we’ll be set. I mighteven throw in a flavor packet or two – if he’s good.

    And how was your week?

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