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Friendly Day At The Library

Michael Smith browsed through the librarylate Tuesday afternoon and selected a biography on St. Augustine toread.

    He won’t be returning it to the library, though. Instead, hepurchased the book from a clearance book sale hosted by the neworganization formed to help aid the local library.

    “Where else can you get books for 50 cents?” Smith said.

    The Friends of the Lincoln County Public Library is a neworganization steering itself off the ground. On Tuesday, the groupbegan a membership drive, for the library’s loyal patrons andcasual fans alike to join the organization.

    The drive made for a busy day at the library. It occurred alongsidethe reception held Tuesday afternoon for the library’s January artexhibit.

    The exhibit features Oriental art and cultural items, many of themfrom the estate of Thomas Perkins, who died in 2000. The exhibitand the reception are dedicated to the memory of Perkins.

    “Many of these things would not be here if not for Thomas’ interestin the camellia and the Orient,” said Betty Ann Perkins, ThomasPerkins’ sister-in-law.

    Shirley Estes spoke at the reception, recalling Perkins’ love ofthe camellia flower and his work with various camelliasocieties.

    Pam Womack, the primary organizer behind the Friends of theLibrary, believes the galleries, exhibits and other services thelibrary offers makes it an important institution to support.

    “I think the library is a central part of the community,” Womacksaid. “We want to make it better.”

    The current book sale is just a sample of things to come. Thecurrent sale mainly features withdrawals from the library but theFriends of the Library are requesting donations of hardcover andpaperback books from community members for future book sales.

    However, Womack said magazines will not accepted.

    Looking to future book sales, Womack said the group has its sightsset on a big week: April 8 through the 14, which is NationalLibrary Week.

    Womack said a book sale will definitely occur that week with otherprograms possible during that time.

    Other items on the group’s calendar include a summer readingprogram. Details of those programs are awaiting the input of thenew members.

    “We’re going to see what the membership wants to concentrate on,”Womack said.

    Those that did not sign up as members Tuesday still have plenty oftime. Forms are available at the library and people can register asa member at any time. A one-year membership for an individual is$10, for a couple or family $20 and for only $3 for those under18.

    Proceeds from the book sales and any other fundraising events thatmay be held by the Friends group will support the library invarious ways, including the purchase of new equipment andbooks.

    Womack said the group will work with the library to identify a listof priorities.

    Womack’s involvement in the group came about because of herpersonal affection for the library and its services.

    “I’m a voracious reader,” Womack said.