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Quality candidates seeking city school board position

The field is set, and many eyes will nowlook to March 3 to see who will be the new face on the BrookhavenSchool District’s board of trustees.

    In Erin Williamson Smith and Lea Barrett, voters have two qualitycandidates who have offered themselves for service on theboard.

    Voters who live outside the city limits but within the BrookhavenSchool District are eligible to participate in the election thatwill be held March 3 from 1 p.m. until 6 p.m. in the BrookhavenHigh School gymnasium.

    The two candidates bring different backgrounds to the contest.

    Smith, who is involved in the Parent-Teacher Association at MamieMartin Elementary where her son Bryce is a student, has spoken ofher desire to be a voice for parents on the school board. Beyondher association with school in that regard, Smith works atCopiah-Lincoln Community College as an academic counselor,disability support services coordinator and Phi Theta Kappaadviser.

    After having served as city school district superintendent for morethan six years until her retirement last year, Barrett is perhapsthe better known of the two candidates. She has touted herexperience with dealing with educational budgetary concerns in theface of difficult economic times and potential reductions infunding.

    The eventual winner, who will serve a five-year term, will replaceCarl Aycock, who is not seeking re-election after 15 years on theboard.

    The candidate chosen by the voters will take part in significantdecisions that will affect the district and children’s lives foryears to come. Voters have a little more than a month to decidewhom they will support for this important task.