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Stan King renovations continuing

First came an array of changes inside, andnow the outside of the General Motors dealership on BrookhavenStreet is well into a full facelift, too.

    “We’ve had a lot of folks asking us what’s going on,” Stan King GMSuperstore sales manager Brannon Craig said last week, referring tothe massive exterior upgrade of the building that dominates theheavily trafficked corner with Brookway Boulevard.

    “We’ve completed our interior, and now we want our exterior tomatch,” he explained.

    The dealership started its three-phase series of improvements in2010. Renovating the interior of the store was phase one, whilephase two’s exterior modifications began in November of 2011 andshould be finished by April.

    The final phase will involve upgraded lighting for the parking andsales lot, allowing customers to browse for a new car at night,Craig said. The third phase is slated to be complete by the end ofthe year.

    A grand reopening will take place in the future, but Craigencouraged anyone who hasn’t been to the dealership lately to visitthem now and see the changes.

    The interior renovations have been heavily weighted toward customercomfort. The upgrades include a new refreshment area, two TVviewing areas and plusher seating. Wi-Fi is provided for customeruse.

    A glass-enclosed children’s space is yet another new feature.

    “You’re here at our service center for repairs, and we want you tohave a place for your kids to play,” Craig said.    

    Other interior improvements include an overall modernization of theshop, with more stalls and lifts.

    A pro shop was also added, which offers truck accessories, and acomputer is available so customers can look for any accessory GMsells.

    Craig said the changes were prompted by the purchase of NationsMotors in 2008 and afterwards when GM granted Stan King a largesales area and asked them to update their facilities in return.

    Before the acquisition of Nations Motors, Stan King GM was StanKing Chevrolet, but the addition gave them access to the fulllineup of GM vehicles, which include GMC, Chevy, Cadillac andBuick.

    Stan King GM Superstore is now responsible for the area ofSouthwest Mississippi from Natchez to Hattiesburg and from CrystalSprings to the Louisiana-Mississippi state line.

    “GM rewarded us by allowing us to be the main GM dealer for most ofSouthwest Mississippi, and we’re proud to have that,” said Craig.”To thank them, we updated our facilities.”

    Before the purchase, Stan King GM Superstore had around 100vehicles in their inventory at any time. After the additions, thedealership now has more than 200.

    “We offer every brand GM sells,” said Craig. “Because of that, andour large area of responsibility, we had to increase ourinventory.”

    Craig said the business employs 45 people with most of them comingfrom the local area.

    Mathis Construction of West Lincoln is responsible for therenovation project.

    “Our goal is to keep things local and reinvest back in thecommunity,” Craig said.