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Judge orders murder suspect released from jail

Prosecutors and law enforcement officials said they will continue to pursue a case against a murder suspect who was ordered released last week during a preliminary hearing in Brookhaven Municipal Court.

     Kimbley Crimiel, 35, of Brookhaven, was arrested and charged with murder in the May 30 shooting death of Marvin Desmond Brown Jr., 25, on West Congress Street. He was initially jailed under a $250,000 bond.

     However, during a June 7 preliminary hearing before Judge Raymond Boutwell, the judge cited insufficient evidence to continue to hold the suspect and ordered him released. Jason Barrett, Crimiel’s court-appointed attorney, said the ruling was appropriate.

     “Obviously, we felt the judge made the right decision,” Barrett said.

     Brookhaven Police Chief Pap Henderson disagreed.

     “We felt very strongly and still feel very strongly that we had enough evidence to bound him over to the grand jury,” Henderson said. “We wouldn’t have made the arrest if we hadn’t.”

     Henderson did not elaborate on case evidence, but said it will be given to the district attorney’s office for consideration by the grand jury.

     “It’s one of those cases that has to be presented to the grand jury,” said District Attorney Dee Bates.

     Bates could not say when the case would be presented. He said case files must be received from the police department and full autopsy results, which could take some time, must be returned from the state.

     Despite the city court ruling, Henderson was confident the case is progressing well.

     “I think we’re where we need to be in the case,” the chief said.