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School year off to good start

As of Wednesday, all schools in Lincoln County are in session for the 2012-13 school year.

     School leaders across the county said the start of school went off as smoothly as possible with only minor hiccups.

     In the Brookhaven School District, Superintendent Dr. Lisa Karmacharya said there was only one minor problem on Wednesday that involved lunch.

     Students had to wait about 20 minutes at all the district’s schools to eat their lunch Wednesday after a computer glitch associated with new software affected their lunch numbers, according to Karmacharya.

     “It was the result of change in software,” she said, “The glitch was something we couldn’t avoid.”

     Karmacharya added the glitch was minimal and students got their lunches as soon as possible once it was fixed.

     Other than that, Karmacharya said things have gone smoothly so far.

     “It’s been an excellent start,” she said. “It has been an amazingly smooth start for us.”

     BSD administrators were present at every school Wednesday to observe the first day. Karmacharya said they were very pleased at what they saw.

     “I was delighted at how well things went,” she said. “The instructional team went to every single school and saw happy students, teachers and parents.”

     Karmacharya credited the district’s planning for the successful start.

     “I think the success is because of proper planning and our early registration,” she said. “The organization processes and our transportation both went smoothly.”

     At Brookhaven Academy, Headmaster Julie Wright said things have started well since their first full day on Tuesday.

     “It’s going great,” she said. “We had a smooth start. There were a few schedule changes, but other than that everything’s good.”

     At Lincoln County schools, Superintendent Terry Brister said the first week, which began on Monday, went as well as could be hoped for.

     “I think the first week has been very good so far,” he said late last week.

     He said the construction sites at Bogue Chitto and Enterprise have been the biggest problems, and parent pickup routes had to be modified because of that.

     Brister said within the next two weeks things should be fixed at Bogue Chitto and Enterprise as far as parent pickup and drop-off.

     Elsewhere, Briter praised his teachers and administrators for what they’ve done to prepare for and make the first week successful.

     “Every day school operations have gone very smooth,” he said. “I think administration and teachers have taken the challenge and done well with it.”

     He also noted the four county schools have had a few people who were registering late, but it wasn’t too many and number of people being late to register wasn’t unusual.

     “I think most of the people who were registering late weren’t local,” he said. “They’ve come here from out of the county and the state.”

     Brister credited the smooth start to each administration being able to adjust things from year to year to help their situation as far as the first week of school.

     “I’ve allowed them to make the changes they need to have a smoother start,” he said.