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Citizens fuel up for coming storm

With high winds and heavy rain rolling in, gas prices across town are rolling up.

     A spot check Tuesday morning throughout Brookhaven’s main business sectors showed average prices of $3.69, up from average prices of about $3.58 yesterday morning. Some stations still had prices at $3.61 or $3.65 and prices on up to $3.79 have been seen.

     Long lines at local gas stations Monday depleted some gas reserves at some stations.

     Tillotson’s Service Station ran out of gas at about 10 a.m. Monday. R.B. Wall Service Station had long lines from 5 a.m. until 7 p.m. Monday and as of Tuesday, had no more gas.

     At both stations, workers said gas might not be available again for several days.

     Ted Evans of Tillotson’s said there’s a shortage of ethanol-free gas right now from suppliers. Both Tillotson’s and R.B. Wall sell ethanol-free gas.

     Evans said people want ethanol-free gas for generators and other small engines right now.

     Evans saw long lines as well Monday, until his gas pumps ran dry.

     “Everyone was here,” he said.

     Tuesday morning, the gas pumps at the Brookway Boulevard BP Station were also bagged, with no gas available there.

     The shadow of Hurricane Katrina loomed heavy over residents as they prepped Monday for the storm.

     “I didn’t pay attention to Katrina beforehand,” said David Dunn, filling up several multi-gallon gas cans at R.B. Wall.

     He’s taking Isaac a little more seriously, though. He topped off his jeep and also had the grocery store in sight.

     “I’ve stocked up on milk, necessities of the pantry,” Dunn said.

     Lines at gas stations have come in cycles, Police Chief Pap Henderson said Monday.

     “It will build up and die back down,” Henderson said.

     Henderson did not express any concerns that his department would have trouble obtaining gas for patrol cars.