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No place like home

Growing up all over Mississippi is hard.

From the coast to the delta, where to plant my roots? One place has been constant. One place has been home. Brookhaven, Mississippi.

I was born here, to two wonderful parents, Garland and Gale Boyd. When Daddy became a pastor, we moved a lot, but for sure my favorite school was West Lincoln. Green is my favorite color. My favorite house was my grandparents’ house, Tom and Laurie Goetz.

MoMo kept my antsy little sister, Kallie, and me entertained, with cover houses and dress-up and tea parties. Paw Paw even judged our Barbie beauty pageants. I cheated because I knew his favorite color was red. Kallie didn’t know and I kept it that way.

Yep, Brookhaven is home.

Eventually I had to leave behind teacups and Barbies with red dresses. I had to grow up and then I had to go to college.

Leaving behind my Gulfport home, I moved my 50 plus pairs of shoes to Hattiesburg. I don’t think I ever apologized to Daddy for the carload and SUV load of clothes and just the million other things every girl needs that he had to unload.

I graduated from William Carey University in 2010 and headed off to the big city of New Orleans to pursue my master’s degree in psychology. Boy, was that a shock.

I left rolling hills and small town hospitality to concrete and busy city life. And let me tell you, I’m no city girl. I love high heels and couture magazines, but I also need grass, trees and SWEET TEA. (If you ever visit New Orleans, make sure you bring a gallon.)

Having had enough of said city life, I moved back home, to Brookhaven, the town of good country folks, catfish houses and sweet tea. Just the way I like it. My parents had moved back in 2008 from Gulfport when Daddy was called to pastor Macedonia Baptist Church.

I moved back to Brookhaven to be with my family and to someday raise a family, wanting my children to grow up with southern values – godly values. And maybe I’ll even send my kids to West Lincoln. My ENTIRE family graduated from there, so I may be in trouble if I don’t.

Yep, Brookhaven is home.

I would be remiss if I forgot to mention a very important part of myself, my dog. “Yogurt” as my boyfriend calls him, although his name is Yogi. He may not be manly, but he’s not supposed to be; he’s a poodle. He’s a bit cowardly and skittish, poor thing. He has a little stuffed squirrel he sleeps with every night and he hides under the bed when it rains. He’s a little spoiled.

I am excited to be the new Daily Leader Lifestyles Editor. I can’t wait for what the future holds in this position and where the Lord will lead.

Lifestyles Editor Jessica Boyd can be reached at The Daily LEADER at 601-833-6961 ext. 134, by email at jessica.boyd@dailyleader.com or you can write to her at P.O. Box 551, Brookhaven, MS 39602.