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Happy Easter!

Tucked into the neatly manicured plantings in a Brookhaven yard Saturday was a small sign. Unlike so many around town these days, this was not a symbol of the homeowner’s allegiance to a political candidate’s race for city office.

No, this was a small white cross with the simple, neatly printed words – “He is risen.”

Although Christmas gets more attention from the world at large, today is the holiest day of the year to Christians. On Easter Sunday, we celebrate a risen Savior, and the life everlasting brought by His sacrifice on the cross.

Even the colored Easter eggs so diligently hidden by adults (and the Easter Bunny) and so joyously discovered by children are just another symbol of the rebirth that Christ brings to his followers.

Many local Christians began their day with sunrise services, while others waited to don their best Sunday best for special services at the usual worship time.

Regardless of denominations or the differences we may have between us, Christians are united in our profession of faith for the Man of Galilee, whose triumph over death we celebrate today.

Happy Easter!