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Neighborhood Watch is on the grow in area

Looking out for our neighbors is catching on more than ever in Lincoln County.

Last week, residents of the Urban Lane, Red Oak Drive, Quail Run Drive, White Oak Drive and Dogwood Street neighborhood gathered at Mt. Wade Baptist Church to organize the second of two watch groups in Ward Six.

The recent activity follows the formation of a Rogers Circle Neighborhood Watch April 4.

The two new groups join the existing Old Town Neighborhood Watch group, the Vernondale Neighborhood Watch group and a third group in the county.

Participants in the watch organizations cite the cooperative relationship between the groups and city and county law enforcement. The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office even has an officer appointed to work with the programs.

We commend the two new watch groups in Ward Six as well as the other Neighborhood Watch organizations in the city and county.

Keeping an eye out for each other is definitely the neighborly thing to do. It’s something we definitely could see more of around the county.