Retail therapy a real thing

Published 2:45 pm Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Shopping really is therapy. Much to the disappointment of my wallet, shopping is very relaxing for me – calming even. I get in my own world of shoes and cute tops and find stress relief in accessorizing. I’m a solitary shopper. It’s sacred. I must go it alone. I need one-on-one time with a cute dress and some classy heels.

Just the other day, I found myself in need of retail therapy. I don’t go overboard. I’m always looking for a bargain. “Sale” is my favorite word to hear. The only problem is, I’m taller than the average woman, and the average pant would fit me perfectly if there was a flood or if I was into puddle jumping. However, I don’t live in Seattle, so I would like a pair of pants that reaches my foot. The other day, I was in search of a pair of black jeans, an 80s trend that has made it’s way back onto the fashion scene in the form of skinny jeans that aren’t acid wash. I had almost given up hope of finding a pair that would fit my waist and not make me look like a child grown out of her clothes. And I’m only 5’7″! Anyways, I have to have “longs” in nearly every pair of pants, and they are not easy to find. Then, I saw them. There, on the shelf. Hidden underneath multiples pairs of “shorts” and “regulars.” Were my eyes playing tricks on me? Was this a mirage brought on by my strong desire for a pair of black skinny jeans? No, it said it. “Long.” In my size. I picked up the pants and examined them, making sure they were real. I may’ve even smelled them. I probably looked like a crazed pant addict.

Yesterday, I was able to wear them with wedged heels – something you can’t do with pants that are too short! I love my new jeans. The last pair of pants I bought from that particular store, I have to roll up into Capri’s.

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Yes, shopping really is therapy. Men may think it’s just for women, but I know better. My fiancĂ© loves to shop. Not in women’s boutiques or home stores, but one place. The king of men’s shopping: Bass Pro. I have spent much unwanted time in the place that’s drenched in manliness. Now, I don’t mind browsing the Columbia and North Face sections and smelling the candles, but after that, I’m done. A man can spend HOURS, DAYS, in Bass Pro. I heard they’re putting an outlet mall near the outdoor store in Pearl. Must’ve been a woman’s idea.

I’ve followed my fiancĂ©, Jacob, around in what seems like miles of camouflage. Someone can seriously get lost in there. Don’t dress your small children in camouflage if you plan on going to Bass Pro. You will never find them.

Shopping is for everyone. I just hope they build that outlet mall real soon.

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