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Neighboring towns cast first ballots

     Municipal elections throughout the state are taking place June 4 and citizens in Franklin, Lawrence and Copiah counties will face some decisions at the polls.

     Some neighboring municipalities feature packed ballots while others have very few contested race.

     Voters in Bude, Meadville, Monticello and Wesson will be trekking to the polls for the first time this election season. All candidates in these towns are running as independents, and so there were no primary elections.


     The two-term incumbent mayor of this Franklin County town, Earl Case, will see some competition from Arthur Mack Littleton and Linda Gail Green.

     In Ward Three, incumbent Alderman Tommy Anthony Gibbs Sr. faces opposition candidate Jeffrey Quick.

     Norma Jean Kelly, alderman Ward One, John Knight, of Ward Two, Fannie M. Brown, of Ward Four, and Grady Huff, alderman at large, are all running unopposed.


     Town prosecutor Lane B. Reed is hoping to unseat incumbent Mayor W.P. Dickey Jr. for his chair at city hall.

     Dickey had originally announced plans to retire but ultimately waded back into the race, seeking another term.

     All of Meadville’s sitting aldermen are running un-opposed this year.

     That means citizens will see another four years of Kay Scott, William David Scarbrough, Bart Jones, Charles Calcote and Bobby Kelly on the board.


     In Lawrence County voters will see competition in every race but one.

     Incumbent Mayor David H. Nichols II is eyeing a fifth term while Public Works Supervisor Bobby Herring and former Monticello law enforcement officer Scott Stormo are looking to end Nichols’ tenure.

     In Ward One, incumbent Alderman Jerry Good also hopes to enter a fifth term if he can defeat opposition candidate Donald Walters in the election.

     Ward Two will see incumbent Alderman Steven Moreman pitted against challenger David Penny.

     In Ward Four incumbent Kevin Garrett is up against Larry N. Smith in the battle for alderman.

     Ward Five’s incumbent Craig “Bowie” Davis also faces contention from Richard Sykes.

     Ward Three Alderman Martha Watts is the sole candidate running unopposed.


     Mayor Alton Shaw will start a third term this year if he can hold off challenger Billy “Pete” Skinner. 

     None of the city’s aldermen face opposition to their re-election..

     David “Mike” Douglas will resume his job in Ward One, John Welter in Ward Two, Billy Ellison in Ward Three, and Michael King will replace current Ward Four Alderman Bob Britt. Britt chose to forego a re-election campaign.

     Van Graham will also remain as alderman at large in Wesson.

     Polls will be open from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m.