Magic at the movies

Published 7:00 pm Sunday, July 7, 2013

I love the movies.

The action, the romance. The smell of popcorn. Imagination has no boundaries. Reality can be breached. It’s just you and the screen. You enter into a world that’s not your own – an exciting world full of wonderment and excitement.

Then there’s that kid that keeps kicking your chair and the couple in front of you that thinks its necessary to contribute commentary.

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One quick sharp glance back to that kid and his parents give him a nudge. “Shhhh” escapes from your lips, but when the couple turns around, you look behind you, trying to “figure out” where that came from. Never mind them. I love the movies.

I used to be a big popcorn fan, but now, I’m content with chocolate. My fiancĂ©, Jacob, however, loves popcorn.

We went to see “Man of Steel” last weekend and he bought a heaping bag of the fluffy stuff, covered in salty butter. I noticed that he picked up the popcorn salt, that orange powdery substance sitting on the concessions desk. No moderation was used. I think he used half the shaker on his popcorn. No exaggeration.

We selected our seats in the Brookhaven theater and unwrapped our 3-D glasses. I noticed Jacob making faces. Horrible faces.

“That would take paint off of a board,” he said.

And then he mentioned something about licking acid.

“Well, why’d you put so much salt?” I asked.

“I thought it was cheese!” he said.

I looked at his orange snack, no longer yellow. Poor thing. Never heard of popcorn salt. He needs me.

I grabbed the bag and tried to mix it around some. Apparently, he did not appreciate this. He said he had isolated the bright orange pieces, but now they were everywhere. He now likened his snacking to a game of Russian roulette.

I should’ve known better when he handed me a piece, saying it was not a salty one, and my tongue burned and eyes watered when I popped it in my mouth. He hasn’t been salting his food lately.

“The Man of Steel” was a fantastic movie, in my opinion. I know Jacob loved it, because I usually constantly have to shush him during a movie, but he was glued to the screen. If someone had screamed the building was on fire, he wouldn’t have heard it. During one of the fighting scenes, I had to yank my hand from under his, because of the constant squeezing he was doing to my fingers. He was into it. There’s something about men and Superman. We had to watch it two nights in a row.

3-D also makes scenes more exciting. The screen is more in your world and you’re more in its. In the 1920s, when the first “talkie” (talking picture) was presented, I bet moviegoers never imagined what a film would develop into. Can you imagine their reaction, seeing a 3-D spaceship soaring towards them, looking as real as the seats in the theater? I wonder what film will look and sound like in the next 100 years.

The movie theater is a magical place. Just don’t mistake popcorn salt for cheese for a better viewing experience.

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