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Moak wins gold in 10K

    CLEVELAND, Ohio – Bicyle racer Frank Moak sat in his hotel room Wednesday afternoon and savored the moment. The Brookhaven native had just won a gold medal in the U.S. Senior Olympic Games, capturing first place in the 10K time trial.

     “I am looking at a 5-inch wide gold medal,” said Moak, in a telephone interview. “This is the one I was kind of gunning for. Mission accomplished.”

     Moak, 53, was competing in the 50-54 age group. He posted a time of 12:50, approaching 29 miles per hour.

     Today he will run the 5K. A straight shot.

     The 10K course was a 5K sprint one way and a 5K return.

     “It was about 80 degrees and sunny,” said Moak. “It was very blustery, The  course was next to a river, kind of like a gorge.  The wind was swirling around the trees.

     “It will be the same course (today) but just one way.”

     A rider from Colorado and one from Connecticut joined Moak on the podium. The second place finisher was 17 seconds back.

     Butch Sims, from Hattiesburg, finished fourth in 14:08 in the 60-64 age category. Sims was 10 seconds out of third place.

     Moak said he and Sims are the only bike racers from the Magnolia State.

     Moak will ride in road races on Saturday and Sunday. They are 40K and 20K distances.

     Over 500 cyclists are participating in the the time trials.