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Bad to the Bone

I was trying to hide something from my fiancé.

I had bought him a present. Not just any present – his wedding gift. The wedding is not until September, so he couldn’t see it – not yet. The only problem was this present couldn’t keep a secret. It made noises. Jacob came over one night unexpectedly. The present let out a cry and Jacob’s niece said, “Do y’all have a puppy?”

Mama quickly said, “That’s Dosey. She’s sick.”

Dosey Doe is a boxer, so I’m not sure how her answer appeased little Kaitlyn or Jacob, but somehow it did.

“This is going to be easier than I thought,” I said to myself.

Ever since I first started spending time with Jacob, he has talked about schnauzers. He had a schnauzer once, but the poor thing got hit by a car and Jacob has wanted another one ever since. I knew this would be the perfect present. However, because Jacob works on an oilrig half of the month, I would have to take care of the thing. I have a dog. I’m a one-dog woman. But, I love that man, so I bought the little black puppy with white paws.

Little did I know, I’d fall in love with him, too. He’s the cutest little thing. He’s a Cajun, having been born in Ponchatoula, La., but he’s not spicy, he’s sweet. Soft and cuddly, I loved him at first sight. As my parents, my sister and I rode home from Louisiana, I asked Daddy to help me come up with a manly name. Jacob makes fun of my little poodle and his sparkly vests, so I knew this dog had to be rough and tough.

“What’s some bow accessory names?” I asked. I used the word “accessory” because it’s what I know.

Jacob’s absolute favorite bow is a Mathews, but I needed something more dog-like. Daddy finally said, “Muzzy.” Jacob has a Muzzy broadhead arrow decal on his truck. Their slogan is “Bad to the Bone.” I knew that was it.

Well, two days before Jacob’s birthday, after hiding Muzzy for a week, I looked at the cute, little furry thing, playing on the floor. With two months left until the wedding, I wanted Jacob to see Muzzy as a little puppy. I wanted them to bond. I caved in and rode over to my future home, my whole family in tow, and presented him with his early wedding gift. They instantly loved each other. I’m afraid Jacob’s going to make him mean, though. He’s got Muzzy growling and barking when he plays with him. He’s going to be a man’s dog for sure – my sweet little baby.

There’s someone that may love him more than all of us – Paisley, my fiancé’s four-year-old. She’s been telling people he’s her puppy, and she wants to help feed him and take him to potty. Poor Muzzy can’t catch a break from her little hands. They wear each other out.

Muzzy has been riding with Jacob in his truck. He’s too little to sit up in the passenger seat, but he’s content snuggled in Jacob’s lap. He even takes four-wheeler rides with us. Every man needs a dog.

For the wedding, I’m planning to put Muzzy in a cute outfit and “re-give” him to Jacob. I guess I’ll have to hold back my urge to put him in a cute, glittery vest and bowtie. Looks like I’ll be searching for a camo outfit and collar that says, “Bad to the Bone.”

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