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Hostage dies of injuries


The second person shot in the hostage standoff Tuesday at a small branch of Tensus State Bank in St. Joseph, La., died noon Thursday of her injuries at Rapides Regional Medical Center in Alexandria, La., according to a family member.

     LaDean McDaniel, who had been on life support since Wednesday morning, was an employee at the bank. She and two other employees were taken hostage by gunman Fuaed Abdo Ahmed. A female employee was released through negotiations midday Tuesday.

     But, male employee Jay Warbington and McDaniel were fatally wounded near midnight Tuesday by Ahmed as police entered the building.

     McDaniel has local ties. Her son is Rod McDaniel and her daughter-in-law is Laura McDaniel, who teaches competitive dance for Dance Academy and is co-owner of Macy Taylor’s boutique on Brookway Boulevard in Brookhaven.