Wedding delights and unsettling nights

Published 5:19 pm Saturday, September 7, 2013

I know you’re probably sick of hearing about the Boyd-Smith wedding, but it’s my life right now. With not even three weeks to go, I’m in wedding to-do mode. Did I say three weeks? Oh no. I just got slightly overwhelmed.

I received a special wedding treat last weekend – a bridal shower; and were Jacob and I showered! It took several vehicles to haul all of our wonderful presents. Macedonia Baptist Church sure knows how to put on a bridal shower. It took me nearly two hours to open everything. After work that Saturday evening, I rushed to our future house and giddily showed Jacob all of our new gadgets, dishes and d├ęcor. Maybe that horrific registering experience months ago paid off. I still feel a tinge of anxiety when walking into the Belk home section. However, we also got some fantastic gifts that I would never have thought to register for – that only experienced cooks and wives would know to get me. I am very thankful for everyone who thought to make our new home better (and make Jacob happy, cause I actually have things to cook with now).

As far as wedding planning goes, I have been feeling pretty confident, and not terribly nervous, because most everything is done. However, maybe I am just suppressing the stress, because last week, I dreamed that I was completely unprepared for my wedding. My hair was an absolute mess and some girl was practicing to sing a solo that was entirely off-key. Everything was running late and my musicians hadn’t shown up. I fired the bad singer and Jacob and I were practicing a duet after the wedding should’ve already started. I decided Jacob couldn’t learn it in time and was running around like a crazy person, looking for a track I could sing with. Then, I realized we hadn’t even had a rehearsal and no one knew what to do…then I woke up, thank goodness. The next morning, I had to assure myself that I had wonderful on-key singers, competent musicians and a fabulous hairdresser; and the rehearsal was scheduled.

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Maybe I am suppressing my anxiety. I do recognize that probably my greatest fear in life is being unprepared. Nevertheless, I find consolation in my organization. I pride myself in having every little detail planned out, and I try to ignore that fear of one little particular going unnoticed and rearing its ugly head on my perfect day. Hello, my name is Jessica and I am a perfectionist…and a tad OCD.

Unfortunately, I cannot control the weather. If I could, it would be bad, ’cause everyone else would be extremely hot and the plants would die of dehydration. I’m glad I’m not God. I’m so glad He is.

I’m also glad I don’t have to control everything, even though I often feel I need to. When we put things into God’s hands, we can rest. I hope you find rest this week in the peace that surpasses understanding. God won’t pry circumstances and fears from my hands. I have to lay them down in His very capable ones. Looking forward to a God-filled day in September.

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