Police and Sheriff Reports

Published 10:21 am Friday, November 22, 2013


The Brookhaven Police Department’s report for Wednesday was as follows:

• Alarm on Highway 51.

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• Open door on Highway 51.

• Traffic accident on Highway 84.

• Harassment on Jackson St.

• Public assistance on Laird Circle.

• Met complainant on Albert St.

• Traffic accident on Cherokee St.

• Disturbance on Meadowbrook Drive.

• Public assistance on Whitworth Ave.

• Traffic accident on First St.

• Suspicious vehicle on Natchez Drive.

• Disturbance on Monticello St.

• Disturbance on Union St.

• Improper parking on Zetus Road.

• Alarm on Whitworth Ave.

• Disturbance on Schwem Ave.

• Reckless driving on Highway 51.

• Disturbance on Cedar St.

• Alarm on Dogwood St.

• Traffic accident on Highway 51.


• Three for no driver’s license.

• One for speeding.

• One for handicap violation.

• One for improper equipment.

• One for improper tag.

• Two seatbelt violations.


• Two funeral escorts.


The Lincoln County Sheriff Department’s report for Wednesday was as follows:

• Repossession on Sammy Trail SE.

• Complaint at Walmart.

• Complaint on Beard Road NE.

• Funeral escort on Monticello St.

• Funeral escort on Hueck Retreat.

• Burglar alarm on Peach Trail NW.

• Complaint in Lincoln County.

• Vandalism on Mallalieu Drive SE.

• Complaint on Justice St.

• Transport on Arthur Drive NW.

• Complaint on Pleasant Ridge Road NW.

• Complaint on Monticello St. NE.


• Two funeral escorts.