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Supervisors eye options for funding

THE DAILY LEADER / JUSTIN VICORY / Ryan Holmes of Dungan Engineering speaks to the board of supervisors on the status of county road improvements at Monday's meeting.

THE DAILY LEADER / JUSTIN VICORY / Ryan Holmes of Dungan Engineering speaks to the board of supervisors on the status of county road improvements at Monday’s meeting.

The Board of Supervisors on Monday handled county business and discussed ways to appropriate further funding from the state.

On transportation funding, the squeaky wheel gets the grease, Jeff Dungan of Dungan Engineering implied.

Dungan encouraged supervisors to take a more assertive approach towards organizations that procure transportation funding. Recently, the state senate put together a task force related to the matter, and plans to hold public meetings on transportation funding issues throughout the state.

“It’s very important that you attend at least one of these meetings,” Dungan told the board of supervisors. “The county needs a lot of help with transportation funding.”

Dungan advised the board to consider meeting with the task force and other organizations such as the T1 Coalition. The T1 Coalition is an organization consisting of businesses and associations that work toward a common goal of improving the state’s bridges, roads and other transportation systems.

“When other people talk louder than you, they get what they want … at your expense,” Dungan said, referring to other county supervisors in the state.

Ryan Holmes, also with Dungan Engineering, announced final inspection of county roads next week as part of an ongoing micro-seal application process. Holmes invited board members to examine the work, as well as point out other items of concern.

“Next week, we’ll ride down every road and check out what we’ve done. We’ll also take into account potholes and other things you think need to be done,” Holmes told the board.

The status of this year’s Brookhaven Christmas parade merited a discussion with potentially inclement weather forecast for Thursday night. City officials plan to meet at 8:30 Tuesday morning to make a final decision on whether or not to postpone the parade ceremony, which would most likely move to Friday if the weather is stormy Thursday.

Canteen service

In other business, Lincoln County Sheriff Steve Rushing asked for board approval to switch contracts for the Lincoln County jail’s canteen service. Commonly known as commissary, canteen service refers to commonly purchased store items inmates can purchase while locked up in the jail. The county gets 22.5 percent of commissions from canteen sales. In turn, state regulations mandate this money be used for educational and/or rehabilitative services for the inmate population.

Regarding the change in contracts, Rushing said, “It was time for a change. The new canteen service offers more upside.”

Next, Rushing requested the board go into executive session, citing a personnel matter. The board approved the request.

CableOne increase

In items at Monday’s supervisors meeting, CableOne sent a letter to County Administrator David Fields notifying the board of a $5 fee increase to most residents’ cable bills starting Jan. 1 of 2014. A local CableOne representative could not be reached for comment.