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Comfort Zone cools off U.S. Lawns

DAILY LEADER / KATIE WILLIAMSON / Sammy Holcomb, of team US Lawn pitches a strike during their first game against Comfort Zone on Friday.

DAILY LEADER / KATIE WILLIAMSON / Sammy Holcomb, of U.S. Lawns, pitches a strike during their first game against Comfort Zone on Friday.

Comfort Zone’s three-run blast in the bottom of the fifth inning helped cool off U.S. Lawns’ late rally for a 13-11 victory Friday night in Game Two, capturing the championship in the Lincoln County Dixie Youth Baseball AAA League Tournament at Keystone Park.

In Game One action of the AAA championship, U.S. Lawns and Comfort Zone came out ready to play as both teams provided an offensive thriller for their baseball fans.

Comfort Zone secured an early lead 11-2 in three inning of action, before U.S. Lawns rallied in the bottom of the third with a 10-run explosion to claim a 12-11 lead.

After a see-saw battle in the fourth inning, U.S. Lawns managed to increase their lead to 15-12, and they limited Comfort Zone to just one run to capture 15-13 win and forced a decisive Game Two contest.

Game Two continued the offensive thriller from Game One as both teams fought hard to secure the tournament championship.

Comfort Zone came out strong once again and managed to keep U.S. Lawns off balance to secure a 10-3 advantage after three innings of action.

U.S. Lawns mowed down Comfort Zone’s lead in the fourth and fifth inning to take a slim 11-10 lead in the top of the fifth.

In the bottom of the fifth, Comfort Zone charged back and reclaimed the lead with a three-run rally to take a 13-11 lead and eventual victory

After the championship, Comfort Zone was presented with the tournament championship trophy, and U.S. Lawns received the tournament runner-up trophy. The Connley Moak Appraisals team was recognized as the regular season champ.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, the 9 and 10-year-old All-Star teams were announced. The All-Star teams advance to play in District Tournament action beginning July 4.

9 and 10-year-old American All-Stars:  Will Mayfield, Riley Easterling, Piker Wallace, Eli Smith, John Rivers Brown, Lawson Chemin, Jake Meilstrup, Chase White, Jackson Cater, Jacob Rushing, Sam Smith and Trenton Tarver. Head Coach: Shane Easterling.

9 and 10-year-old National All-Stars:  Colby Merritt, Brayden Polk, Brady Ratcliff, Will Loy, Jansen Miller, Fielder Sartin, Landon Burgess, Conner Hall, Brandon Welch, Jacob Clark, Dawson Hester and Jacob Samford. Head Coach: Jeremy Loy. Assistant Coaches: Cory Welch, Tim Ratcliff.

U.S. Lawns 15, Comfort Zone 13 

Winning Pitcher:  Carter Holcomb (5K, 1BB).

Losing Pitcher: Chase White (2K, 5BB).

Comfort Zone hitters:  J.P. Wallace 2B. Piker Wallace 1B, 2B, 2B, 3B. Chase White 1B, 1B, 1B, 1B. Mason Davis 1B, 2B. Logan Shelton 1B. Craig Bass 1B, 1B. Jordan Spiller 1B.

U.S. Lawns hitters: Carter Holcomb 1B, 1B. Brady Ratcliff 1B, 1B, 1B. Blake Thornton 1B, 1B. Braden Busby !B, 1B, 2B. Corby Husser 1B. Sam Arnold 1B.

Comfort Zone 13, U.S. Lawns 11 

Winning Pitcher:  Mason Davis (1K, 5BB).

Losing Pitcher:  Braden Busby (2K, 6BB).

Comfort Zone hitters:  Mason Davis 1B, 1B. Jordan Spiller 1B. Chase White 1B, 1B. J.P. Wallace 1B. Trevor Smith 1B.

U.S. Lawns hitters:  Blake Thornton 1B, 1B. Carter Holcomb 1B.