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Mark July 8 on your calendar and vote!

June has certainly been a busy month for those of us registered to vote. But hold on to your voting shoes! On July 8, Brookhaven residents again have the opportunity to exercise their right to a voice in government decision-making.

City voters need to write July 8 in bold letters on every calendar they have. They will get to decide whether or not to levy a 2 percent tax on the gross proceeds of room rentals from hotels, motels and bed and breakfasts. The tax will be used to promote tourism and parks and recreation. Tourism and recreation are important quality of life elements that help bring economic development to communities like Brookhaven. In addition to making more opportunities available to residents, this can also help bring more jobs to the area.

If this tax passes, the citizens will give the chamber of commerce and economic development officials a “Shot in the Arm” and many of the dollars will be paid by out-of-town folks traveling here on business and pleasure.

As one of our readers said on our Facebook page, “this is a good thing and is needed.”

With the Republican runoff over, the party finds itself with two sides and lots of infighting. It was a very close vote in both the primary and run-off. Thad Cochran won by a very narrow margin and challenger Chris McDaniel does not appear to be a happy loser and at this writing had not conceded defeat. McDaniel thinks the Cochran bunch persuaded enough Democrats to vote for Cochran and, therefore, changed the outcome of the election.

It seems to me that the McDaniel crowd was outfoxed by the Cochran bunch. While McDaniel’s group was busy courting the tea party group, the Cochran folks were reading the voting laws and how they could win the election.

Maybe Mississippi’s voting laws need to be reviewed, I don’t know, but it’s never fun to get outfoxed.

Speaking of fun, if you read our June 19th story on repairing potholes and then read the comments on our Facebook page you could have had a little fun and been a little informed. Unless you are a Lincoln County supervisor.

Our readers identified lots of road problems and some took individual supervisors to task. Seriously though, there are lots of roads in Brookhaven and Lincoln County that need help. I hope The Daily Leader story helped bring an important issue to the attention of those who can make a difference.

In other good news this week, Advanced Healthcare Management President and CEO Bennett Hubbard announced his company plans to bring a much-needed assisted living facility to Brookhaven. The facility will make available 44 bedrooms with private baths, kitchens, activities and room for many of their personal belongings. The facility will become their new home where they will be provided assistance as needed. This facility will allow many local folks to remain in Brookhaven during their retirement years.

Estimated to cost as much as $2.5 to $3 million dollars, the facility will create 40 construction jobs and 25 permanent positions and that will be good for all of Brookhaven and Lincoln County.

Hubbard said Brookhaven is “going to be very proud of this facility,” and I believe he is correct.

The facility first has to get approval by the zoning board and city. After that and other state approval, construction can begin and completion is forecast for fourth quarter 2015.

Lots of good things are happening in Lincoln County. Be sure to vote July 8th and keep the momentum going.

Otis Raybon is the publisher of The Daily Leader. Contact him at otis.raybon@dailyleader.com or (601) 833-6961.