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27-under wins 3-Person Scramble

WESSON – A 27-under par total, authored by the team of Ryan Case, Paxton Lee and Alex Shoemake, captured Championship Flight honors in the 3-Person Scramble at the Wolf Hollow Golf Club. They posted a score of 61-58-117.

First Flight honors went to the team of Will Lee, Taylor Jelks, and Zack Hammons at 66-54-120. Winning the Second Flight with a 128 was the team of Brett Rutland, Jonathan Burns and Cody White.

Wolf Hollow 3 Man Scramble Results 


Ryan Case-Paxton Lee-Alex Shoemake 61-56-117, Gregory Causey-Grant Motter-Ricky Salyer 58-60-118, Johnny Walton-Winston Lott-Lannie Staten 59-60-119, Ricky McInnis-Chris Lofton-Ryan Ratcliff 61-58-119, Henry Swann-Don Coleman-Grant McDonnieal 63-56-119, Louis Midkiff-Charlie Davis-Danny Smith 60-61-121, Donnie Sasser-Rusty Crawford-Gary Gray 62-63-125, Brock Campbell-Bob Lawrence-John Clark 62-62-125.


Will Lee-Taylor Jelks-Zack Hammons 66-54-120, Dan Murray-Jim Stringer-Realus Tucker 64-61-125, Allen Kent-Trey Thomas-Kurt Abbey 65-61-126, Steve Yawn-Leon Bennett-David Parker 64-63-127, Jake Smith-Jeff Smith-Dustin Foster 64-64-128, Chuck Holloway-Kyle Holloway-Sam Jones 65-63-128, Dwayne Wooten-Red Wooten-Roland Ross 65-64-129, Harold Boteler-Keith Boteler-Dylan Boteler 65-67-132, Kevin Gualandi-Darrell Medrano-Brian Adkins 66-68-134, Greg Garvin-Bobby Neighbors-Mike Mims 65-70-135.


Brett Rutland-Jonathan Burns-Cody White 68-60-128, Tony McInnis-Mike Wooten-Scott Ashley 67-66-133, Keith McGowen-Glynn Murray-Darrin Hirsch 67-66-133, Paul Kimbrow-Ricky Parker-Darrell Blakely 67-67-134, Ronnie Hewitt-Dean Nations-Bill Pullen 70-64-134, Robbie Stabler-Corey Stabler-Jimmy Stabler 71-65-136, Bill Barksdale-Chris Calcote-Paul Phillips 68-73-141, Shelton Rogers-Paul Cade-Ellis Harris 72-72-144, Mike Coleman-George Walker-Luther Powell 72-72-144, Kenner Bizot-Kenny Bizot-Will Hulon 76-76-152.