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VERITAS in concert

Bringing the spirit of giving to First Baptist, a donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, is providing a free concert to the city for Christmas.

The concert will take place on December 18 at the First Baptist Church on East Monticello Street. The contemporary gospel quintet is set to perform at 6:30 p.m.

Jeff Doremus, associate pastor, said, “We are pleased that there was someone with the generosity to make this happen and have this quality of singers.”

Doremus said he was recently approached by the unnamed man and was told he wanted to donate because of Brookhaven’s senior adult support programs and the Baptist church members. First Baptist offers rotational visits to the senior citizens of the area with devotions and music several times a year. He added the community also has multiple members who individually visit older folks to spend time with them year-round and not exclusively during the holidays.

“Individuals volunteer to support and encourage the elderly and make sure they feel thought about and cared for,” said Doremus.

First Baptist is not the only church that volunteers and has senior adult programs. Doremus added that most of the Baptist churches in the area participate, such as Fair River Baptist Church and Easthaven Baptist Church, to name a few.

Jeff said was sitting in his office and was told there was someone at the front desk to see him. Jeff spoke with the man, who explained his idea on how to show his gratitude to the Brookhaven area for how well his mother has been taken care of over the years.

“Normally people come to see me for a spiritual need, so I was not expecting this,” explained Doremus.

Doremus added that although the anonymous giver attended high school in Lincoln County, he did not attend college within the state and has not lived here for over 40 years. The benefactor’s mother, anonymous as well, currently resides at a local nursing home. His only description is that he is a well, but soft, spoken older gentleman.

Doremus confirmed that he and very few others within First Baptist do know the benefactor’s identity, but no one is willing to spill the bean and ruin the sentiment of the situation. Even the other people who work within the churchs have technically seen him, but have no idea who he is.

“They know he has been here, but no one is sure of who he is,” said Doremus.

Even the gospel group Veritas, which he scheduled with the church’s assistance, is not aware of his identity entirely.

He told Doremus, “I would like to offer this to the Brookhaven community for no cost to the public or to the church.”

Although he is being firm in his right to remain unknown, Doremus confirmed the benefactor will be at the concert to be apart of the Christmas festivities while visiting his mother for the holidays.