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A Bit of Morning Tea



The Great Mississippi Tea Company welcomed people from all around the country and even some international guests to a tour of their tea plants, nursery, and other facilities. The visitors were part of the US League of Tea Growers with is a trade research group founded by Nigel Melican and The Great Mississippi Tea Company’s owner Jason McDonald.


McDonald said the event was one of the group’s first collaborative meetings which started in Mount Vernon, Texas and moved into Mississippi to visit farms in the state. He said that the event consisted of educational workshops and sessions regarding the growing and cultivation of tea.


“A lot of people said that when they go to other conferences they don’t know why they went but they said they feel they’ve learned something at every part of this event,” McDonald said. “So, I think everyone had a great time.”


McDonald said attendees heralded from Mount Vernon, Houston, and Dallas, TX, Las Vegas, NV, Athens, GA, Anderson, SC, Auburn, AL and Tennessee as well as Bedford, England. Researchers from Mississippi State University and Louisiana State University were also present.