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BPD pursues DUI officer option

In response to an increase in traffic accidents and DUI arrests and fatalities, the Brookhaven Police Department is seeking state financial aid to hire a DUI officer.

BPD Commander David Johnson said the officer would be specifically for traffic and DUI enforcement. The FY16 Sub Grant from the Mississippi Office of Public Safety will fund the new officer position.

“I feel like lately there’s been an increase in accidents in Brookhaven, and there’s been several DUI fatalities in Lincoln County,” Johnson said. “The chief and I felt like we could curtail some of the incidents here in Brookhaven.”

In 2014, BPD reported 28 DUIs. From Jan. 1 to date, the department reported five DUIs and 172 traffic accidents.

“An officer with a specific purpose and job would allow other officers the opportunity to concentrate on areas of Brookhaven that need special attention,” Johnson said.

The grant will pay for the officer’s salary, car and other expenses that the job requires. The funding for the position would be renewed each year based on statistics and evidence supporting the department’s use of the position.