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Fund set up for Sims family

Starting over after a tragedy can be hard, but Brookhaven is coming together once again to help in the best way it can.

Edward Dillon Sr., pastor at Mighty God Missionary Baptist Church, said a benefit fund has been set up at Bank of Brookhaven for Victoria Sims and her family.

The Sims family were the victims of a shooting at their home on South First Street. The shooting killed Jermaine Sims Sr. and 9-year-old Jamiyah. Victoria, 14-year-old Takial and 6-year-old Jermaine Jr. suffered serious injuries and were hospitalized. A fourth child, 8-year-old Keiyshune, was also present during the incident but was able to escape unharmed.

Dillon said physically the family is doing fine. Emotionally, they are attempting to deal with a traumatic event.

“They need prayers and any assistance they can,” he said.

Jimmy Lyons, 32, has been charged with two counts of murder and three counts of aggravated assault. He is currently is being held at the Lincoln County Jail with a bond set at $1 million.

Dillon said the fund has been spearheaded by family such as Ray Sims and Nydra Kelly. They all went to see if Bank of Brookhaven would be willing to help, and Bill Sones and Ruth Calcote jumped on board.

Dillon explained that the financial difficulties are two-fold. The family not only has hospital bills, but Jermaine Sr. was the primary breadwinner. The family also does not want to return the house, so donations such as clothing and housewares are also being accepted.

Takial wears size 14-16 pants and medium or 11-14 shirts. Keiyshune wears size 8-10 pants and 7-8 shirts. Jermaine Jr. wears size 8 pants and 8 shirts.

Dillon has known the family for many years.

“The kids, I used to take them to church in the back of the truck,” he said.

Dillon has also been part of the group going into the schools to help with grief counseling. Dillon went to BES, where Jamiyah attended.

“That was pure love I saw over there,” he said. “We adults could learn from that.”

Dillon said the children were hurting, but he had no doubt that they loved their classmate.

Dillon said Jermaine Jr. came to church Wednesday night during their revival. The visiting pastor called him down, and the entire congregation prayed over him and showed their love.

“All the support we’re getting is a blessing,” he said.

Monetary donations can be taken to Bank of Brookhaven and given to The Victoria Sims Benefit Fund. For anyone with other donations, contact Victoria Sims 601-695-5810, Nydra Kelly 601-757-1623 or Dillon at 601-754-7106.