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LCSD board explores hunting lease term change

The Lincoln County School District Board of Trustees is exploring adding a liability insurance requirement to future hunting leases.

Stan Long, 16th section land manager, told board members Monday that the idea stemmed from a discussion with the Secretary of State’s office. While no incident has happened on 16th section land locally, Long said he wanted the board to be aware of the possibility.

Currently leases have an indemnification clause that provides some protection.

One situation Long said may arise is that a third-party gets injured on land leased by a hunting club. When a single person leases the land, it is harder for him to distance himself from the incident. However, club members may scatter to avoid responsibility.

Long said he encourages leasees to have insurance for their own safety. He said the board could decide to require any amount of liability insurance it wanted, but $500,000 seemed the most reasonable. He also said he would like to require that a list of all members be kept on file for hunting clubs using 16th section land.

Long said he would start collecting lists of club members immediately, but the requirement for liability insurance could only be added to future contracts.

Board members asked Long to gather more information so they can discuss it at the next meeting.

LCSD Business Manager Cheryl Shelby presented a request for a transfer within the school district’s funds. The loan services account currently has a balance of $296,000, and the district has an upcoming payment to Trustmark for $311,000. Shelby requested permission to transfer the deficit from the district maintenance fund.

Shelby said the deficit has resulted because all ad valorem taxes have not been collected. The district has not received either May’s or June’s taxes. However, Shelby expects those payments to cover the difference and allow the money to be repaid to the district maintenance fund.

In other board business Monday:

• The board awarded 16th section agricultural leases to Earl Brown for 200 acres at $800, Shane Easterling for 15 acres at $151 and Stephon Hart for 48 acres at $528.

• Shelby presented depository bids from Bank of Brookhaven, Trustmark and Pike National Bank. According to interest rates, funds and fees, Bank of Brookhaven offered the best bid. Shelby requested the board accept all three bids in case the district decides in the future to put money into a CD or an investment. The board approved the request.

• The board approved the request to offer cross country as a sport at Enterprise.

• The board approved the Adidas team agreement with EAC.

• The board approved an agreement with Josten’s for the 2015-2016 school year for EAC.

• The board approved the kindergarten supply list for the 2015-2016 school year.

The next school board meeting will be June 1 at 5 p.m.