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Public officials earn above county average


Income for Lincoln County elected officials are funded by taxpayers and range from standard salary to fee-based compensation.

The sheriff makes $95,000 annually.

The chancery clerk and circuit clerk positions have fee-based compensation. Both are paid by the fees that are handled through their offices, up to $90,000. Fees earned in excess of $90,000 are released back to the county.

The tax assessor/collector earns a base salary of $72,500. They also earn commission from tax collections in the city.

Supervisors make $44,700 yearly, as do justice court judges.

The coroner is compensated based on the number of deaths handled within a year. Coroners earn $125 per individual death determined.

The constable position is also fee-based. Constables earn $35 per papers served.

The median household income for Lincoln County is $33,346.

These numbers were provided by County Administrator David Fields and are specific to Lincoln County.