City looks at fixing Church Street paving

Published 10:33 am Thursday, December 10, 2015


Is the city planning on having the shoddy paving on
N. Church Street fixed?


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WGK Engineer Mike McKenzie said Brookhaven officials are not satisfied with the job done to patch up N. Church Street.

“We’re going to have the contractor come back in and fix that,” McKenzie said. “That’s the short version. Whoever is complaining is correct.”

The re-paving, done by Greenbriar Digging Service, is part of a project to completely replace the sewer line. McKenzie said the project on N. Church Street is one of two active sewer projects. The other, on the south side of town near city hall, had smaller patches of road dug up, but McKenzie said those projects were much less destructive because they were able to re-line the sewers without completely replacing them.

“It was too far gone,” McKenzie said about the lines under N. Church. “Once they get so far gone, you can’t line them. If there’s not anything there, if it’s broken all to pieces if joints are misaligned — and it was — it has to be dug up and redone.”

While McKenzie did say the road would be re-visited, he couldn’t give an exact date.

“I don’t [know when it will be done],” McKenzie said. “I can’t swear that it’d be done before Christmas. I’d hope that it would be, but I can’t promise that. We are going to get it addressed.”