Area lights spread Christmas cheer this holiday season

Published 7:47 pm Saturday, December 19, 2015

Photo by Aaron Paden / A house on N. Jackson Street has lights that spell “Merry Christmas.”

Photo by Aaron Paden / A house on N. Jackson Street has lights that spell “Merry Christmas.”

Christmas is just five days away. Before the holiday season ends, visit these locations for some of the best and brightest light displays.

The easiest place to find Christmas lights is in Brookhaven’s historic downtown, but some decorations are harder to spot, like the model of a train by the Military Memorial Museum hidden between an old cannon and the railroad tracks.

Also notable is the cross that fits perfectly within one of Trustmark’s arched windows, and the mini Santa waving at passers-by at one intersection.

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Outside of the well-lit commercial area, the most obvious place to look is S. Jackson Street. Large houses there sport plenty of lights.

People may remember the home of Ryan and Wendi Case, who put up a giant inflatable black cat and a skeletal horseman driving an evil pumpkin carriage for Halloween. Their Christmas lights are more understated, but still visible from the road.

Hidden between E. Cherokee and E. Monticello is Wood Street. The road is narrow and full of potholes, but if your vehicle can handle it you’ll be confronted with glowing red, green and blue lights strung up between trees and houses.

Another hidden gem is on Josephine Street between N. Jackson and N. Whitworth, where a lone reindeer stands among a forest of lights.

Tanglewood Drive is also a great place to see holiday lights.

There are several places in the county to spot holiday displays, but the stretch of homes on Old Red Star Drive just past Mt. Zion Road is one of the brightest.

Note: Several homes have lights in Brookhaven and most of them are not covered here. Send photos of your favorite spots to and we will publish the best in our Christmas edition.