Area reports

Published 10:53 am Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Police reports

The Brookhaven Police Department’s reports for the weekend and Monday were as follows:

• Traffic stop on Brookway Boulevard

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• Public assist on Union Street ext.

• Public assist on North Church Street

• Improperly parked vehicle on Brookway Boulevard

• Complainant on Stribling Road

• Animal control on Ellis Road

• Public assist on Furr Avenue

• Alarm on Sandalwood Trail

• Animal control on Curran Avenue

• Indecent exposure on Hampton Drive

• Theft on Stribling Road

• Alarm on East Meadowbrook Drive

• Animal control on Clara Street

• Ambulance assist on South Whitworth Avenue

• Suspicious activity on Highway 51 North

• Public assist on Brookway Boulevard

• Shoplifter on Brookway Boulevard

• Traffic stop on Grenn Street

• Traffic stop on North Jackson Street/Industrial Park Road

• Alarm on Storm Avenue

• Complainant on Liberty Avenue

• Complainant on Natchez Avenue

• Civil matter on Fred Walley Drive

• Complainant on Twin Oaks Lane

• Counterfeit money on Brookway Boulevard

• Theft on East Court Street

• Disturbance on Liberty Street

• Traffic stop on Spring Drive/Natchez Avenue

• Complainant on Lipsey Street

• Traffic stop on West Chippewa Street/Smylie

• Traffic stop on Industrial Park Road

• Vandalism on Old Wesson Road

• Traffic stop on Highway 84 East

• Public assist on Fulton Street

• Grass fire on Heucks Retreat Road

• Suspicious person on Old Wesson Road

• Alarm on Hartman Street

• Alarm on East Monticello Street

• Fire department assist on Virginia Avenue

• Public assist on St. Charles Place

• Public assist on Josephine Street

• Complainant on Industrial Park Road

• Ambulance assist on East Independence Street

• 911 Hang up on Bryant Street

• Animal control on North Church Street

• Officer assist on Heucks Retreat Road

• Public assist on Williams Street

• Complainant on Curran Avenue

• Theft on Dixie Road

• Public assist on Bryant Street

• Complainant on South First Street

• Public assist on East Monticello Street

• Traffic stop on Hastings Lane

• Theft on Industrial Park Road

• Disturbance on Brookway Boulevard

• Traffic stop on West Monticello Street

• Loitering on Brookway Boulevard

• Alarm on North Jackson Street

• Traffic stop on East Monticello Street

• Suspicious vehicle on Brookway Boulevard

• Traffic stop on Highway 51 North

• Traffic stop on Union Street ext.

• Medical problem on West Chippewa Street

• Alarm on North Whitworth Avenue

• Missing person on South Whitworth Avenue

• Complainant on Industrial Park Road

• Open door on Monticello Street

• Suspicious activity on Brignall Road

• Stolen vehicle on Magee Drive

• Public assist on Dale Trail

• Complainant on South Washington Street

• Vehicle burglary on Crestview Circle

• Complainant on Chippewa

• Threats on Gleason Loop

• Complainant on Field Lark Lane

• Ambulance assist on Ash Street

• Assault on East Congress Street

• Ambulance assist on Williams Street

• Disturbance on West Chickasaw Street

• Alarm on Biglane Drive

• Alarm on Crider Drive

• Complainant on Liberty Lane

• Fight on Union Street

• Suspicious person on South Church Street

• Suspicious person on Stribling Drive

• Complainant on Brookway Boulevard

• 911 Hang up on North Railroad Avenue

• Public assist on West Chippewa Street

• Traffic accident on Brookway Boulevard

• Animal control on West Chickasaw Street

• Complainant on Moak Street

• Disturbance on Highway 550

• Public assist on East Monticello Street

• Traffic accident on West Industrial Park Road

• Traffic accident on Union Church Road

• Complainant on Bryant Street

• Vehicle burglary on Stribling Road

• Public assist on Heucks Retreat Road

• Disturbance on Brookway Boulevard

• Public assist on East Chippewa Street

• Hit and run accident on Field Lark Lane

• Traffic stop on Highway 51 South

• Assault on Highway 51 North

• Trespassing on Highway 51 North

• Traffic stop on Penn Street

• Missing property on Brookway Boulevard

Sheriff’s office

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s office reports for the weekend were as follows:

• Burglar alarm on Upton Trail

• Unlock on Stribling Road

• Unlock on Arthur Drive

• Unlock at Wal-Mart

• Suspicious vehicle on Huckleberry Trail

• Lost or stolen on Fairlawn Trail

• Direct traffic on Highway 550/Sams Road

• Direct traffic on New Sight Drive

• Improperly parked vehicle on Topisaw Drive

• Unlock on Calcote Loop

• Disturbance/Loud music on Hilltop Lane

• Burglar alarm on Bennie Trail

• Burglar alarm on Mallalieu Drive

• Burglary on Little Lane

• Burglary on Oakwood Lane

• Burglar alarm on Highway 550

• Unlock at Krystal on Boulevard

• Disturbance/Loud music on Silver Lane

• Unlock on South First Street

• Medical assistance on Lambert Lane

• Suspicious vehicle on Jackson-Liberty Road

• Assault on Hilltop Lane

• Assault on Turpin Road

• Suspicious person on Lake Lincoln/Heucks Retreat

• Improperly parked vehicle on Gene Road

• Unlock at Cracker Barrel Restaurant

• Grass fire on Highway 51

• Burglar alarm on Fairman Lane

• Suspicious person on Pleasant Grove Road

• Suspicious vehicle on Highway 583

• Disturbance/Loud music on Estes Trail

• Medical assistance on Chippewa Street

• Unlock on Clyde Trail

• Unlock on Sunset Road

• Suspicious person on Bogue Chitto Road

• Burglar alarm on Monticello Street

• Suspicious person on Auburn Drive

• Burglar alarm on Monticello Street

• Disturbance on Coopertown Road

• Suspicious person on Monticello Street/Nola Road

• Suspicious person on Highway 84 East

• Medical assistance at Perkins


The Lincoln County Jail Docket for the weekend was as follows:

• April Adams, 04-26-76, of 1362 Union St. Apt. #6C, Brookhaven — arrested for embezzlement by Brookhaven Police Department.

• Jessica M. Lofton, 07-16-90, of 1040 California Road, Brookhaven — arrested for serving weekends by Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.

• Rochelle Mackbee, 07-10-60, of 97 Katie Trail SW, Bogue Chitto — arrested for shoplifting by BPD.

• Allison McKay, 02-27-73, of 2066 Roberts Lane, Wesson — arrested for shoplifting by BPD.

• Dustin C. Allen, 09-15-83, of 300 Old Wesson Road, Brookhaven — arrested for possession of a controlled substance by BPD.

• Eric W. Benoit, 06-23-76, of 524 North Church St., Brookhaven — arrested for simple assault/domestic violence by BPD.

• April White, 03-06-91, of 1960 Cotton Lane, Sontag — arrested for shoplifting by BPD.

• Sherry Spencer, 07-06-55, of 322 East Cherokee St., Brookhaven — arrested for shoplifting and willful trespassing by BPD.

• Stacy S. Sterling, 10-15-81, of 402 South Washington St., Brookhaven — arrested for disturbing the peace and willful trespassing by BPD.

• Kendrick E. Lenoir, 08-12-85, of 1642 Coopertown Road, Brookhaven — arrested for disorderly conduct/breach of peace by LCSO.

• Walter M. Owens, 01-16-92, of 504 Chestnut, Bogue Chitto — arrested for possession of a controlled substance, speeding, first offense DUI, improper equipment on vehicle and no proof of liability insurance by Mississippi Highway Patrol.

Note: An arrest does not constitute guilt for the accused. All individuals are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Copiah County Reports 

The Wesson Police Department reported one speeding citation and one seatbelt citation

King’s Daughters  Ambulance Report

King’s Daughters Medical Center Ambulance Service had 12 calls Monday; two were transfers, with one to McComb and one to Jackson. There were 10 emergency calls, with eight medical, seven in the city and one in the county. There were two traumas in the city.

Local weather stats

The Wastewater Treatment Facility in Brookhaven reported a high of 66 degrees for Monday and a low of 55. The temperature at 7:30 a.m. Tuesday was 65 degrees. There was 0.20 inches of precipitation.

River stages

On Monday the Mississippi River stage at Vicksburg, where the flood stage is 43 feet, was 35.1, down 0.5 feet in the past 24 hours. In Natchez, where the flood stage is 48 feet, was 43.6, down 0.3 feet in the past 24 hours. The Pearl River stage at Jackson, where the flood stage is 12 feet, was 9.6, down 0.5 feet in the past 24 hours.