Police reports

Published 12:30 pm Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Brookhaven Police Department’s reports for Wednesday were as follows:

• Alarm on East Highland Drive

• Traffic stop on I-55

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• Public assist on North Street Drive

• Public assist on Brookway Boulevard

• Public assist on Eastview Drive

• Vandalism on Halbert Heights

• 911 Hang up on Brookway Boulevard

• Complainant on Brookhaven Street

• Suspicious vehicle on Brookman Drive

• Complainant on Exchange Club Circle

• Voyeurism on Highway 550

• Disturbance on Bryant Street

• Fight on Brookway Boulevard

• Be on the lookout on Highway 51 South

• Traffic stop on Highway 51 North

• Traffic accident on Union Street ext.

• Fireworks on Vanzie Street

• Traffic stop on Natchez Avenue

• Complainant on Curran Avenue

• Traffic stop on North Jackson Street

• Loud music on North Jackson Street

• Traffic stop on Brookway Boulevard

• Subject with weapon on East Court Street

• Alarm on Storm Avenue

• Alarm on West Congress Street

• Suspicious person on East Monticello Street

• Traffic stop on Highway 51 South

• Found property on Brookway Boulevard

• Traffic stop on Virginia Avenue

• Disturbance on Clara Street

• Problem with juvenile on North Jackson Street

• Stolen vehicle on West Congress

• Traffic stop on East Monticello Street